Amy Annelle - "A School Of Secret Dangers"

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A School of Secret Dangers is a campfire album with indie swagger; replete with songs that thrive on understated instrumentation and charming production values. Released after her gorgeous and critically celebrated Hi-Fi debut (The Places' The Autopilot Knows you Best), A School of Secret Dangers recalls Springsteen's Nebraska, a testament to the power of good songwriting recorded simply. This collection was handpicked from several seasons of self-recording using vintage world war II era microphones, short wave radios, and glorious analog tape. The result is a nest of an album with nostalgic melodies, autumn leaf vocals, cozy instrumentation, and the beautifully-odd interwoven found sound. Amy Annelle blends the voice of a nightingale with a hard-scrabble lyricism of Edith Frost.

The Birds Start Talking English 3:22
Broke Down 3:30
Ugly Stray 3:27
Will Try 4:08
Anchorage 4:06
Soft City 3:53
Idaho 3:44
Song for a Comet 3:45
Litch 3:51
Nothing 2:31
What is it This Time? 3:31

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