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Various Artists - "Flag" Sampler Mix

{SPECIAL!} The classic compilation which introduced the HUSH label to a greater audience in 1999. This is the simple, most concise answer. Featuring Kaitlyn Ni Donovan, Amy Annelle, Chad Crouch, Reclinerland, Corrina Repp, Kind of Like Spitting, Kim Norlen, Paul Hixon Pittman and Jeff London. Just buy it. You can't lose.

Yves Montand 4:28 Kaitlyn ni Donovan
2000 3:58 Kaitlyn ni Donovan
Part 4... 4:44 Chad Crouch
Devotion 3:37 Chad Crouch
Ode to the Exhausted 5:24 Amy Annelle
A Place for Everything 3:55 Amy Annelle
Honey 3:51 Paul Hixon Pittman
Accordian 2:08 Paul Hixon Pittman
Stormy Petrel 4:00 Corrina Repp
At The End of the Night 4:33 Corrina Repp
Portland Nationals 3:12 Kind of Like Spitting
Trials of the Spiky Belt Collective 1:47 Kind of Like Spitting
Sky 3:09 Kim Norlen
Climbing Away 4:41 Kim Norlen
Grenada 3:40 Jeff London
Automatic 3:38 Jeff London
Miss Haze 3:44 Reclinerland
So It Goes 3:44 Reclinerland

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