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TOTALLY UPDATED! NOW FEATURING INSTANT DOWNLOAD including out of print digital-only titles (See The Works Download for details). "The Works" includes every HUSH CD in the active catalog (currently Over 70--including the 10 album Podington Bear Box Set [picture not up-to-date]) for a steal. Do the math: that's less than $3.60 per CD! A $700+ value, yours for well over 60% off. Have a few already? Then you know what to expect in terms of quality, and what great gifts they make!

HSH099 Hosannas - Together [NEW!]
HSH098 Rauelsson w/ Peter Broderick - Réplica [NEW!]
HSH097 Peter Broderick - How They Are [NEW!]
HSH096 Kele Goodwin - Hymns [NEW!]
HSH095 Run On Sentence - You The Darkness And Me [NEW!]
HSH094 Nils Frahm & Anne Müller - 7fingers [NEW!]
HSH093 Hosannas - Then & Now & Then [NEW!]
HSH092 Nick Jaina - A Bird In The Opera House [NEW!]
HSH089 Loch Lomond - Night Bats [NEW!]
HSH088 Shelley Short - A Cave, A Canoo [NEW!]
HSH086 Laura Gibson - Beasts of Seasons
HSH085 Nick Jaina - A Narrow Way
HSH083 Peter Broderick - HOME
HSH081 Podington Bear - The Box Set (10 Albums)
HSH078 Nick Jaina - The 7 Stations
HSH077 Rauellson - Tiempo De & Pacifico EP
HSH076 Shelley Short - Water For The Day
HSH075 Nick Jaina - WOOL
HSH073 Loch Lomond - Paper The Walls
HSH072 Graves - Seldom Slumber
HSH071 Velella Velella - Bay of Biscay
HSH070 Flash Hawk Parlor Ensemble - Plastic Bag In The Tree
HSH069 Loch Lomond - Lament For Children
HSH068 Jeff London - The Bane Of Progress
HSH067 Dat'r - Turn Up The Ghosts
HSH066 Novi Split - Pink In The Sink
HSH065 Super XX Man - Vol XI: A Better Place
HSH064 Laura Gibson - If You Come To Greet Me
HSH063 Norfolk & Western - The Unsung Colony
HSH062 Graves - Easy Not Easy
HSH061 Norfolk & Western - A Gilded Age
HSH060 Super XX Man - X
HSH059 Parks and Recreation - What Was She Doing On The Shore That Night
HSH058 Blanket Music - The Love / Love Translation
HSH057 Casey Dienel - Wind-up Canary
HSH056 Shelley Short - Captain Wild Horse (Rides The Heart Of Tomorrow)
HSH055 Kind Of Like Spitting - $100 Room
HSH054 Toothfairy - Formative
HSH053 Kind Of Like Spitting - In The Red
HSH052 Kind Of Like Spitting - Learn The Songs of Phil Ochs
HSH051 Graves - To Sur With Love
HSH050 Various Artists - MILE
HSH048 Corrina Repp - It's Only The Future
HSH047 Blanket Music - Cultural Norms
HSH046 Graves - Yes Yes Okay Okay
HSH044 Various Artists READ - Interpreting Björk (domestic ed.)
HSH042 Norfolk & Western - Dusk in Cold Parlours
HSH041 Reclinerland - The Ideal Home Music Library
HSH040 The Decemberists - 5 Songs
HSH038 Bobby Birdman - Born Free Forever
HSH033 Blanket Music - Move
HSH032 Bobby Birdman - Let Me In
HSH031 Blanket Music, Noise For Pretend - [Split EP]
HSH029 Amy Annelle - A School of Secret Dangers
HSH027 Reclinerland - Reclinerland
HSH026 Jeff London - Col. Summers Park
HSH025 Corrina Repp - I Take On Your Days
HSH024 The Operacycle - Warmer
HSH023 Blanket Music - Nice
HSH022 Fancie - A Negative Capability
HSH021 Kind of Like Spitting - Old Moon In The Arms Of The New
HSH020 Various Artists - Mute
HSH019 Various Artists - Flag
HSH006 Kind of Like Spitting - You Secretly Want Me Dead
HSH001 Chad Crouch - Portland, Or.

*Please note this set does not include Run On Sentence - "Oh When The Wind Comes Down", Laura Gibson - "Six White Horses", Noise For Pretend - "Happy You Near", and Kaitlyn ni Donovan - "Songs For Three Days", which are out of stock. They ARE included in the downloads however!

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