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Well over 7 Gigs of amazing music (broadband connection required. Albums are separated over 10 zipped 500+MB folders) {256-320 kbps MP3 formatted with art for iTunes, etc. Just unzip, drag and drop into your collection.}

HOLY MOLY! "The Works" includes every HUSH album download in the catalog (currently over 85 albums) for a steal. Do the math: that's just over 2 bucks an album! A $430+ value, yours for well over 50% off. No filler, All awesome!

HSH099 Hosannas - Together [NEW!]
HSH098 Rauelsson w/ Peter Broderick - Réplica [NEW!]
HSH097 Peter Broderick - How They Are [NEW!]
HSH096 Kele Goodwin - Hymns [NEW!]
HSH095 Run On Sentence - You The Darkness And Me [NEW!]
HSH094 Nils Frahm & Anne Müller - 7fingers [NEW!]
HSH093 Hosannas - Then & Now & Then [NEW!]
HSH092 Nick Jaina - A Bird In The Opera House [NEW!]
HSH091 Rauelsson - Debutantes EP [NEW!]
HSH090 Rauelsson - La Siembra, La Espera Y La Cosecha [NEW!]
HSH089 Loch Lomond - Night Bats [NEW!]
HSH088 Shelley Short - A Cave, A Canoo [NEW!]
HSH087 Novi Split - Hollow Notes EP [NEW!]
HSH086 Laura Gibson - Beasts of Seasons
HSH085 Nick Jaina - A Narrow Way
HSH084 Run On Sentence - Oh When The Wind Comes Down
HSH083 Peter Broderick - HOME
HSH081 A Book About Elephants - Milk The Moon
HSH082 Podington Bear - Growly Tum
PF001-019 Podington Bear - The Box Set: 9 albums!!!
HSH080 Podington Bear - The Lost Album
HSH079 Laura Gibson - Six White Horses
HSH078 Nick Jaina - The 7 Stations
HSH077 Rauellson - Tiempo De & Pacifico EP
HSH076 Shelley Short - Water For The Day
HSH075 Nick Jaina - WOOL
HSH074 Velella Velella - Flight Cub EP
HSH073 Loch Lomond - Paper The Walls
HSH072 Graves - Seldom Slumber
HSH071 Velella Velella - Bay of Biscay
HSH070 Flash Hawk Parlor Ensemble Plastic Bag In The Tree
HSH069 Loch Lomond - Lament For Children EP
HSH068 Jeff London - The Bane Of Progress
HSH067 Dat'r - Turn Up The Ghosts
HSH066 Novi Split - Pink In The Sink
HSH065 Super XX Man Vol XI: A Better Place
HSH064 Laura Gibson If You Come To Greet Me
HSH063 Norfolk & Western The Unsung Colony
HSH062 Graves Easy Not Easy
HSH061 Norfolk & Western A Gilded Age
HSH060 Super XX Man X
HSH059 Parks and Recreation What Was She Doing On The Shore That Night
HSH058 Blanket Music The Love / Love Translation
HSH057 Casey Dienel Wind-up Canary
HSH056 Shelley Short Captain Wild Horse (Rides The Heart Of Tomorrow)
HSH055 Kind Of Like Spitting $100 Room
HSH054 Toothfairy: Formative
HSH053 Kind Of Like Spitting: In The Red
HSH052 Kind Of Like Spitting: Learn The Songs of Phil Ochs
HSH051 Graves To Sur With Love
HSH050 Various Artists MILE
HSH048 Corrina Repp It's Only The Future
HSH047 Blanket Music Cultural Norms
HSH046 Graves Yes Yes Okay Okay
HSH044 Various Artists READ: Interpreting Björk (domestic ed.)
HSH042 Norfolk & Western: Dusk in Cold Parlours
HSH041 Reclinerland The Ideal Home Music Library
HSH040 The Decemberists 5 Songs
HSH038 Bobby Birdman Born Free Forever
HSH037 Noise For Pretend Happy You Near
HSH033 Blanket Music Move
HSH032 Bobby Birdman Let Me In
HSH031 Blanket Music, Noise For Pretend [Split EP]
HSH029 Amy Annelle A School of Secret Dangers
HSH028 Kind Of Like Spitting S/T [NEW!]
HSH027 Reclinerland Reclinerland
HSH026 Jeff London Col. Summers Park
HSH025 Corrina Repp I Take On Your Days
HSH024 The Operacycle Warmer
HSH023 Blanket Music Nice
HSH022 Fancie A Negative Capability
HSH021 Kind of Like Spitting Old Moon In The Arms Of The New
HSH020 Various Artists Mute
HSH019 Various Artists Flag
HSH018 Kaitlyn ni Donovan Songs For Three Days [NEW!]
HSH006 Kind of Like Spitting You Secretly Want Me Dead
HSH001 Chad Crouch Portland, Or.

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